About Us
The Washington State Crime Prevention Association (WSPCA) is dedicated to helping communities and law enforcement agencies in the State of Washington to prevent crime. Our members are Washington law enforcement agencies and their employees, together with former law enforcement personnel, as well as volunteer members associated with recognized crime prevention programs in communities throughout the state. We offer comprehensive training in crime prevention as well as information and coordination of efforts. Each year, a 40 hour class in Basic Crime Prevention is offered to members both in and outside law enforcement agencies. We also hold periodic conferences on crime prevention over several days in which our members are encouraged to participate. This and other training will help your community to develop crime prevention programs that can help reduce the incidence of violent, property, and other crimes in your area and help keep the people of your community safe from harm. We hold our members to high standards of community service, integrity, and honesty. As most members of the WSPCA are law enforcement officers, we maintain high standards of professional conduct, support for and compliance with the law, diligence, and courtesy. We also offer helpful, downloadable information on crime prevention, business security, home security, and safety measures for adults and children. We believe that each individual is responsible for doing his or her part to help prevent crime and keep our communities safe, and we provide information on these subjects as a public service. It is the goal of the Washington State Crime Prevention Association (WSCPA) to promote inter-agency cooperation on matters dealing with Crime Prevention and Community Policing and to provide the resources necessary to meet this goal