The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention unit is working hard on behalf of the Washington State Crime Prevention Association (WSCPA) to host a conference on Community Engagement at beautiful Centerplace in Spokane Valley. The aim of the conference is to bring law enforcement agencies, and professional crime prevention workers together for unique and innovative training. The keynote speaker will be John Campbell from Campbell-Delong Resources, Inc. in Portland, Oregon.  He is a national community policing trainer and consultant who teaches police officers, residents, and landlords the skills necessary to revitalize impacted neighborhoods. He is perfect for a conference on Community Engagement, and WSCPA is proud to have him present for us again!


Also on the agenda are training sessions on how law enforcement agencies can assess their readiness to engage communities; how to recruit, recognize, and retain volunteers; and addressing the very timely topic of Police Biases.  This last class is a ground-breaking effort pioneered by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office in a first-of-its kind course for law enforcement officers to examine their own explicit and implicit biases.


Finally, a team with a combined total of scores of years of experience in supporting one of our most vulnerable communities in the criminal justice arena: elders. From the Clark County, Washington Prosecutor’s Office we have John D. Senescu, retired judge Diane M. Woolard, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Abigail Bartlett, and finally Crime Victim Advocate Mary Todd.


This exclusive crime prevention conference is for crime prevention professionals, and law enforcement volunteers only.


Registration information can be found here.


Centerplace website in case you need any information about that location.

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Centerplace in Spokane Valley, WA, Spokane Valley, United States
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